IPM Patullo Display


Working closely with the client and the sales team I restyled an existing display that didn’t meet the development standards.  I was able to redress this project to a fantastic result within 2 weeks!

Kitchen hallway.JPG
Balcony Table View Armchair 2.JPG
Balcony Table View Armchair.JPG
Balcony Table View Deeper.JPG
Balcony Table View.JPG
Balcony View Night.JPG
Balcony View.JPG
BBQ Dining.JPG
Bed Mirror Window.JPG
Bed Mirror.JPG
Bedroom 2 bed window 2.JPG
Bedroom 2 Bed Window.JPG
Bedroom Sidetables.JPG
Dining Kitchen.JPG
Dining Lounge Balcony View Wider Shot 2.JPG
Dining Lounge Balcony View Wider Shot.JPG
Dining Lounge Balcony View.JPG
Dining Vertical shot 2.JPG
Dining Vertical shot.JPG
Inside Balcony View.JPG
Kitchen hallway 2.JPG
Kitchen hallway Entry.JPG
Lounge Entry Dining Kitchen Hallway.JPG
Study Bedroom.JPG
View Golf Course.JPG